Minimum element size


How can I set the minimum allowed element size?
When I try to couple nodes that lie only some milimeters away from eachohter the coupling element does not show. However, when I increase the distance between the nodes to more than 10mm, the coupling elements work perfectly fine.

Thanks in advance.


Hello David

Have you tried to test your problem on a simple example?
Please look at my short example.There you can see that the distance between two nodes can be less than 10 mm.

It is possible that the two nodes are so close together that they are automatically merged. (see SOFiMSHC > CTRL TOLG Intersection Tolerance). So try to decrese the intersection tolerance.

Knoten-Kopplung.dat (398 Bytes)

Best regards
Frederik Höller
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Hi @JFH,
You are right, the distance can actually be smaller, even without changing any settings in sofimshc. What made me confused was that the couplings don’t show up properly in the animator, when the length is too small. But if you mark it, it says that it connects the two nodes, and also after analysis I do get reaction forces in the coupling. So it seams to be working as it should.

But still, maybe it could be worth looking into this and see why animator is not showing short couplings. Because it can be quite confusing.


Have you tried increasing the display size within the System Visualization?


Anyway, could you please send me the project files so I can take a look at the visualisation problem?

here is an example dat file
couplings.dat (133.4 KB)

btw @JFH, would you be able to have a look at my other post, thanks?

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