Embed threaded rod in volume element

Hi everyone!
I want to embed a threaded rod in a volume element (in my case timber). I have generated a volume element (SVO) and a structural line with a PROF cross-section in SOFiMSHC. Now I want to couple them with springs or interface elements. Can anyone help me or provide me with a similar example?

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The coupling of these elements with springs is possible. Ideally, the elements (BRIC, ) are extruded with the same element width so that the springs can be easily attached.

One of my colleagues made a simple video tutorial about the optimal workflow. Maybe this is what you are looking for:

A useful example of your problem can be found in the TEDDY.

TEDDY > File > Examples > sofimsha > english > 3d_modelling > elastic_interface_01.dat

A similar problem can be found in this post:

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