Access Sofiplus data in teddy or python


I’ve created a geometry model in Sofiplus which I want to export to teddy. As far as I can tell, I need to do the following steps to get it into teddy:
In sofiplus: “Create calculation model” > “OK” > “Open sofistik” > “Database tools” > “Export to DAT”.

Is it possible to shorten this process, so I can export directly to dat from sofiplus? Or even better, access the information directly in the .dwg file using e.g. python?

I guess I can access the database in the cdb file and extract everything through there, but i’d rather not have to create the calculation model prior to extracting the data.

I found C:\Program Files\SOFiSTiK\2024\SOFiSTiK 2024\export.exe which seems promising.

However, I’m not able to write to the CDB-Content from cdb.

C:\Program Files\SOFiSTiK\2024\SOFiSTiK 2024>export.exe "C:\Users\MRCH\Documents\Github\SPE01_3D\Geometry.cdb"


anyone have experience using this, or a different approach available?

As far as I know:

  • Sofiplus writes directly to the cdb, you can’t hijack the process
  • You can export cdb contents to dat (don’t forget to check the relevant boxes)

Since it’s a “build cdb” then “extract from cdb”, the text files aren’t always a 100% (there have been bugs)

If you really want to export geometry from a CAD software directly, you’ll probably have to write your own interpreter/parser.
Or perhaps you go for rhino.
I think the rhino plugin generates text files (could be mistaken)

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you can not use the export.exe (via CMD) with the check boxes.

Alternatively you can use the context menu in the windows explorer. With a normal installation, this context menu will be installed as well and you can export the files directly without opening teddy or ssd.

maybe another hint:
You can use the command “expo” to export the input as well. As an example, I have attached a file for you.

Simply create your file with SOFiPLUS if needed and export it to the CDB. After that you create a new “test.dat” file and input the following text:

#define project=project-name

+prog aqua urs:1

+prog sofimshc urs:2

+prog sofiload urs:3

Now the input for AQUA, SOFiMSHC and SOFiLOAD will be exported to unique *.dat files.

Maybe you can use this for your projects…simply download the files and export it. After that, perform the “test.dat” file

Zeichnung1.dwg (55.3 KB)
test.dat (110 Bytes)

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You can use the command “expo” to export the input as well. As an example, I have attached a file for you.

Wonderful, I can work with this! thanks!

What I’m actually trying to do run the entire model through teddy, (keeping out of SSD).

My code would look something like this:

+prog aqua
head Materials
conc 1 c 40
stee 2 b 500

+prog sofimshc
head Geometry
#include geometry_MEX.dat # This would be the exported geometry from sofiplus

But maybe there’s a smarter way to do this?
Rather than having to include the exported file, perhaps it’s possible to include the *dwg. directly?

Perhaps one day there will be a script that opens the dwg.file and exports all defined informations from there into the cdb. But until now this is not possible.