SSD to teddy with sofiplus


I have a shell model in sofiplus and usually you would work with this in SSD. I would prefer to work in “clean” teddy afterwards instead, but I’m struggling with getting the data out of SSD.

I managed to get it out using the expo function, but unfortunately I lose information when exporting, so I’m looking for an alternative method.

As a workaround I’ve tried to work from a copy of the cdb file using +SYS commands.
However, if I’m working in the output cdb file, I’m not able to overwrite the file when copying, and I have to close the output database in order to actually do a copy.
If I was working from the source cdb file without copying, sofistik would allow me to update the data inside the cdb file without having to close it between runs.

Is there a way to use one cdb file as input for your model and a separate file for output, without having to use copy? Or another solution perhaps?

Don’t know if this is what you want/mean:

  • It’s possible to start sofiplus without ssd
  • System initialization can be done in teddy or sofiplus

Using myproject.cdb as database:

  • Write a teddy file with things you want/need in sofiplus (cross sections, materials, etc) and run it
  • Start sofiplus from windows and save an empty myproject.dwg
  • Model in sofiplus and generate your model
  • continue working in teddy

The teddy file should either be myproject.dat or you use #Define project=myproject to point to the cdb