What's the difference between LC and LC0 in TEND of Tendon

  1. LC: Load case number. BEAM: No of curvature loading. QUAD: No of prestress loadings. -1 will suppress the” loading”
  2. LC0: Load case number. BEAM: No of basic member forces. QUAD: without any effect.


TEND LC is used to save the curvature loadings (tendon force, the eccentricity and the inclination) for each beam element. If you add LC0, the statically determined inner forces (My, Mz, Vy, Vz, N) are saved within the specified load case LC0.

LC0 is mainly used to store the statically determined internal forces, since without this command ASE overwrites the load case.
You can achieve the same results with the ASE command CTRL UNRE .

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