Verification of cross section resistance and buckling for a railway steel truss bridge

I am designing a railway steel truss bridge. I have created superposition for ULS and SLS. How can I use the result for verifications of “cross section resistance” and “buckling” in AQB and BDK modules? In SSD, we have to use combined load. However , there are a large number of load cases for train (g11-17), temperature (8 cases), wind (2 cases) and dead-load (4 cases) in the project.

For the cross section resistance simply use our Superpositioning Task (module Maxima) and perform the design checks.
For BDK it is mandatory to have combined load cases.
I would check the relevant members with MAXIMA, use TRAC command ( see video New MAXiMA Feature - TRAC - YouTube) to get the corresponding loadcases and create a combined loadcase, e.g. with the appropriate SSD task. Then perform the BDK design checks.

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Thanks a lot!