Variable on secondary axes

I want to make system of structural points for bridge deck by using main and secondary axes.

but if I apply variable on secondary axis, something strange is happening.
Locations of p. 202, 203 are not where it supposed to be

Do anyone have this issue? Is that behavior have some explanations? any “workaround”?
Variable on sec axis.dat (1.1 KB)


its looks like calulated skewed absicia of secondary axis is quite weird.
My solution would be to define artifical axes behind maximum widths for definition of transvers lines:

GAXS ‘OS’ ‘F’ Y -26 TITL ‘left_art’ SPT 500
GAXS ‘OS’ ‘G’ Y 26 TITL ‘right_art’ SPT 600
SLN (1001 1004 1) (601 1) (701 1)