Using defined SPT from SOFIMSHC in SOFIMSHA command


So i have been working in modeling a structure inside grasshopper and then importing it to Teddy.

One issue I am facing is that I am trying to add nodal masses using (MASS) command in SOFIMSHA, but the defined and arranged nodes from grasshopper are under SOFIMSHC module.
so when ever I add the MASS command for a node number that is already defined in SOFIMSHC i get an error

+++++ error no. 2011 in program NR_CHK_MASS ; input line: 87
Node number 5502 is not defined

I wonder if there is a way to “import” these SPT number to SOFIMSHA and use them there? I have looked around and only found a way to import different database :confused:

Thank you

May be “SYST REST” in SofimshA is missing. If this is the case SofimshA will delete the system first.

Hint: Usually, I define masses in ASE or DYNA using loadcases. This looks easier to me.


Thank you! that indeed solved the problem.

Thank you for your tip, I will take a look into that for sure!