Transfer loadcases between databases


I have ran different simulations in parallel (each on a different .DAT file, a different .CDB is generated).
The system is 100% the same, but the dynamic loads are different.

For each of the files, I have obtained the envelopes using MAXIMA, and now I need to combine these results into one single .CDB, with an “envelope of the envelopes”.

I’ve tried copying the LC envelopes using PROG DBMERG, but I always get in return: “load case 653002 not allowed - error no. 10 in program DBMEIN”. Below is my an example of DBMERG code:

And this is repeated for all my individual simulations. Also, to clarify: I’m able to copy standard load cases generated, for instance, with ASE. I just cannot copy load cases generated from MAXIMA.

Does anybody know how to solve this issue?

If you post your dbmerg code, people might have a chance of helping you.

Hi @sfr, thanks for the reply, I’ve included a snippet of the code on the original post.

Code seems alright. A few pointers/remarks:

  • Lc numbers are quite high (should work either way)
  • Check so that there is data for each result-type for that LC.
    E.g. a LC might contain beam results but not spring results

To check what is in the cdb:

  • click through wingraf/resultviewer
  • or use the database information tool

Edit: I found the issue. The LC number was too high, as @sfr mentioned. It seems to work just fine now.