Tracing of ALL resulting loadcases


I have a steel truss girder bridge with lots of elements.

I have made envelopes of all my ULS combinations in base 5000 which results in the following results:

Im now trying to export loadcases to IDEA StatiCA for connection verification.

To maintain equilibrium, I want to use the forces in the connected elements from the same underlying combination.

The question:

Besides making a loop that uses TRAC on all elements for all superpositions, how can I retrieve this?

I do realize this results in O(m*n^2) rows of data which is potentially hundreds of thousands of rows, but since I plan on processing and exporting by Python code, it is acceptable but processing heavy.

Through result-viewer, u can list all the user-input nodes. You can also plot a table with all beam elements with its starting and end nodes. Either through Result-viewer by joining these two tables together, or through excel, you can find out which beam elements are the ones ending to connections. Then on this list, you can iterate with TRAC-command to find out the superposed loadcases, instead of doing it for all elements, where many of them are redundant.