Total utilization level form CDBase for beam elements

Dear all,

I am working on a project in Teddy. In that project I want to read the maximum utilization value of beam from CDbase. I am using teddy input line like this ( @key kwh BEAM_DE0 kwl #m+221 sel1 #HNum(#j))to get beam numbers and load case. And to get maximum utilization i have line like this to read from CDbase for starting and end of the beam utilization.
( let#HN21(#HNum(#j)) (@tcf )
let#HN22(#HNum(#j)) (@tcf )).
these teddy line will work when i have the maximum either in starting or end of the beam. but in my project the system has the maximum utilization in the 1/3rd of the beam length see the attched image will have an idea how it looks the utilization in system. Could anyone have a idea or soultion for how i can read this maximum vaule for CDbase would be a great help for my project.

In picture
black numbers= beam numbers
bule line = utilization line

Thank you in advance