Top slab and wall disconnect


I have a problem in my Sofistik model. I have modelled my structural areas of both walls and slabs based on points with SARB NA NE, but when I create the mesh, it seems that the wall and slabs disconnect near edges. However i have also tried modelling the areas based on lines. In this case, the area and walls are connected


You have probably (I am assuming sofimshC):

  1. Created SPT’s for the wall (with a number)
    Used the SPT’s to create the wall SAR

  2. Created SPT’s for the slab (with a number different from the wall)
    Used the SPT’s to create the slab SAR

The result is:

  • Defining SPT’s in the same location twice → two nodes in the same location that are not connected.
  • Referencing the SARB to different SPT’s → two boundary lines that do not intersect (structurally)

What you should do:

  • Create SPT’s
  • Do not create more than one at an intersection
  • Reference both the wall and the slab SAR to the same SPT

Maybe check out the following example in your installation folder:
C:\Program Files\SOFiSTiK\2020\SOFiSTiK 2020\sofimshc.dat\english\area_models\separated_slabs.dat

Good luck