TMD (tuned mass damper)

I wonder how I can model a TMD (tuned mass damper) on my bridge?
The TMD as you know is composed of a mass, springs and dampers.

Should I model it simply by a spring and a concentrated mass? or there is a special function or some other rules to respect !?
In this situation how can we determinate eigenvalues considering the damping of the structure + that of TMD ?

Can you send me please any example of TMD study?



Yes, a tuned mass damper can be modeled by a spring (SOFiMSHA SPRI) and a mass (SOFiMSHA MASS). The damping of the spring can be defined in lateral (DT) or axial direction (DP).

The eigenvalues can be calculated with the command “EIGE” in DYNA.

Here a short example for a passive TMD:

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