The forces shown in sofistik do not match the forces set in teddy

I used FUN in Teddy to set up a number of free forces in the form of POIN, which act on the same wall, varying in size over time and all inconsistent. After my calculation with Sofistik, I can see in Wingraf that the forces are tens or even hundreds of times larger and that they are all the same size.

Here is a clip of the force in Teddy that I wrote and a screenshot of the corresponding Wingraf

Teddy’s clip shows the force in the x-direction as a function of time at the point with the red circle drawn in the Wingraf screenshot, and the Wingraf plot shows the force at 0.09s. It can be seen that in Teddy the force at this time should be between -0.7137 and -0.6999, whereas in Wingraf the force at this time is 102.9kN

Furthermore, the forces I set up in the y-direction are of the same magnitude, in opposite directions and vary exactly the same with time. In theory the forces in the y-direction should cancel each other out, i.e. sum to zero, whereas Sofistik’s calculations show that the forces in the y-direction also have a magnitude of 102.9 kN and are in the positive direction.

Is there something wrong with my ASE section that is causing this?

Has anyone encountered a similar situation and how should I solve this problem?

Thanks so much!

Tongyu Xu