Tendons definition error

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While working on my post tensioned slab bridge ,precisely when i defined the geometry of tendons and expoted my model ,i get the errors 600 and 604 .
I’ll be gratefull if someone explain me the source of these warnings .


The warning message occurs if the distance between the edge of the cross-section and the tendon axis is bellow the defined critical value. This means that the duct lies too close to the surface.
Please check if the defined tendon geometry is modelled properly. If yes, you can increase the limit within the tendon dialogue.

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Frederik Höller
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Thanks .I resolved error 604 thanks to your solution .But I dont know what’s the meaning of the other warning 600 which states that the tendon cannot be covered .
Thanks a LOT

I would check the visualization of the end of the problematic tendon. In some cases the tendon ends between two QUAD-elements and the algorithm that checks if tendons are within a beam or a quad, creates the warning (600). But the algorithm is not perfect and in some cases the geometry is created correctly, even though you get the warning. So please revise the geometry of the tendon within Graphic or System Visualization and check if the tendon is modelled correctly.

You could try to shorten the problematic tendon, so it does not end to close to the edge of the superstructure.

Thank you so much