Tendon in inclined web

I am working in a prestressed box bridge deck with non vertical webs. Tendon geometry is parabolic in elevation and in plan views.
Is there an easy way to define prestressing in those inclined webs using Teddy?
Making all the webs vertical always is not an option :wink:

Yes it is possible and quite easy to implement.
Lets say your web inclination is #ANG then
if you have tendon defined by U and V coordinates in cross section just define U as U and V as V+U*#ANG

Thank you Mico for your kind help,
In addition to your suggestion, the horizontal slope DUS must be also increased with DVS*#ANG. Then we have:
But with this approach, when you want to define horizontal curve, you need to know V and DVS in all the points you define in the horizontal curve. You can no longer define plan and elevation curves independent of each other as usual.
For example if you have a long parabola (curve) in elevation and two short parabolas in plan to move laterally the tendon you need to know V and DVS in intermediate points of the long vertical parabola.
Of course it is feasible but not convenient.