Teddy VS Sofiplus X


I have worked a Project with Teddy and SofiplusX and I found that modeling the geometry with Sofiplus X is load easier with Sofiplus X but the other steps (Loading…) is easier with Teddy just if we are familiar with the Teddy functions, and for the results i found that using Teddy is also faster once we have the Code Ready from a previous Project) .

My Question is: when is it really important to use only Teddy without the use of Sofiplus X. Or in another way what is the most efficient compromise to work on? is it to Model the geometry on Sofiplus-X and continue with Teddy?

If there is any document or Video explaining the Advantages of using the one or the other please can you share it with me?

Thank you.


I don’t know a video about the advantages and disadvantages of TEDDY or SOFiPLUS(-X).
You can always choose the program you like to use. In my opinion it is personal preference.

There might be some cases in which you have to choose TEDDY, but these cases are very specific.
In general TEDDY has more functions to work with and SOFiPLUS(-X) helps you to visualise the system.
In the end you should use the program with which you can work more efficiently.

If you have any other advantages or disadvantages of the two programs let us know.

Best regards,
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

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