Superposition of moving loads

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I am currently working on a precast bridge beams project for my master’s final project using Teddy. I have followed the Sofistik Bridge Design Training video series, but I am encountering an issue when attempting to perform the combinations with moving loads using MAXIMA.


I have attached my Teddy file for reference. Could you please assist me?

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Jose Mena

v117_PV_COMB_model.dat (39.9 KB)

You’re overwriting the results.
First GR_T is saved at lc 100 and then GR_U is saved at the same position

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in addition to the answer from sfr:
There is an easy way to check before MAXIMA which load cases are assigned to which action / category with following SOFiLOAD run only for the output table of actions and assigned load cases

prog sofiload
echo act full

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Sabine Fahrendholz
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Oh my goodness, thank you all so much! With so many lines of code, I eventually got lost. I really appreciate all your help. Taking note of your advice, Sabine, thanks for the tip.