Subsequent Loads (Folgelastfällen) in ASE/AQB

Good morning,

I would like to ask if there is an option to apply subsequent loads (Folgelastfällen) also in modules ASE/AQB?

I know this is a standard functionality of module MAXIMA, but I have a situation where I need to apply in:

  1. ASE, due to non-linear calculations due to soil resistance coefficients in an abutment (Bettungsmodul; Widerlager; NONL Berechnung)

  2. AQB, external cross-section done with SIR.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ifhau,
no, there is nothing in ASE/AQB like the feature in MAXiMA.
But the task of MAXiMA differs from ASE/AQB: What do you expect from Folgelastfällen in ASE/AQB? How shall this work?

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Hi Jost,

thanks for the reply.

First situation is that I need to run a non-linear (iterative) calculation of an abutment already with final load combinations. It means I must superimpose loads in ASE. The module MAXIMA superimpose the loads with one single and steady system, not iteratively as I need.

Second situation is by modelling a composite section with separate bar elements for steel and quad elements for concrete. At the end of the day I need to use the function SIR to cut a cross-section, gather all the element forces and analyse my section as a whole by usign AQB. Thus, MAXIMA would not work on this case too. (Alternative here would be building a new model using this relatively new function called PLEX, but that would cost me more time from my standpoint. By doing that I would have a girder completely modeled with bar elements, so MAXIMA would work again.)


Hi Hau,
MAXiMA is able to do this because it superimposed only internal forces of linear calculated load cases. ASE calculates these internal forces before. So what you want is not possible.
What you can do is to create a load case for ASE (to calculate it then non linearely), which is created from Superposition in MAXiMA. See for that MAXiMA-example “maxima2.dat” and there the last 3 modules maxima, sofiload and ase.
So: there is no possibility with Folgelastfällen in ASE/AQB.

Best regrads,