Stiffness value K For Column

I’m working on developing an equivalent cantilever model with timber material for high-rise timber building. I am trying to understand how to give the stiffness K to all columns in teddy Script. i can’t find proper input text in teddy to give values of K can anyone please help me with this ?

For more specific you have a look at teddy model
Equivalent_cantilever_model.dat (1.6 KB)


What do you want to achieve?
I am not sure if your project can be implemented. But you can look at the following commands, maybe they will help you.

  • You can reduce the stiffnes of a group in ASE with the command GRP2.
  • Apart from that you can create a general matrix element with the command ADD in SOFiMSHA.
  • Create a general elastic element with the command FLEX in SOFiMSHA.

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Thank you

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