Start calculation with prompt within Teddy


I didn’t find any topics tackling my question. If I’ve missed one, pls link the correct topic below.

I’m currently working on my Master-Thesis in which I’m writing an automated script via Python for the calculations of a membrane structure. Because of performance reasons I would like to know if there is a prompt in Teddy which starts the calculation without pressing F12.

Due to the nature of F12 opening another window with a time delay in which you have to start the calculation manually again, it would be better performance wise if I add a prompt in Teddy which starts the calculation with just one F12 input.

Thank you and kind regards

I think you should cut out the middleman (teddy in this case).

  1. Create your automated .dat file with python.
  2. Execute your script by calling
    “C:\Program Files\SOFiSTiK\2020\SOFiSTiK 2020\sps.exe filename.dat”
  3. Execute the above call either by command line (if you are tying your python and dat scripts together in a batch file)
    Or call it directly from python (with e.g. to execute sps.exe