I’m using Python/CMD to run a bunch of analyses through SPS.exe.

This works smoothly. However, I miss the visuals from SSD when running analyses.
In SPS it’s difficult to see how far the analyses actually are.

As such, I was wondering if it’s in any way possible to actually run the analysis through SSD instead?

when I run this through cmd:

"C:\\Program Files\\SOFiSTiK\\2024\\SOFiSTiK 2024\\SSD.exe" "...\sofi.dat"

I manage to open the correct file in SSD, the only thing I’m missing is pressing the “Calculate All” button in the top, but that sort of defeats the purpose.

So, is it possible to run the calculation through cmd in SSD?

Use wps.exe instead of sps.exe.
Wps is a windows you see in SSD.

This has the same problem as SSD. I still need to click the calculate button for it to run.
I want it to run directly when I run the command from cmd.

SSD does not have such a “batch” functionality as SPS does. You need to extract the task as DAT input and run it with SPS.

I recommend to “Save All Tasks As Text…”, reachable in SSD under “File”. Then you can start calculation of this dat-file via SPS.
Perhaps this helps(?)…

Everything is saved as text. My python script generates a huge *.dat file with hardcoded teddy functions for sps to read.

Then in the end of my python script I use subprocess.run() to run sps through batch and point to the generated *.dat file.

The only issue is the limited visualization in sps, so I’d much prefer the WPS/SSD window to pop up so I can see the iteration graph, load case number, run time etc.

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Perhaps is the WPS-run in a Macrorecorder-session with a recorded CALCULATE-Keyhit the solution. But how this could work: I don’t know.

I was not aware of the possibility of a macrorecorder-session and can’t seem to find it in any of the sofistik manuals. Where can I read documentation of this?

run wps.exe -b "<path_to_dat_file>" :+1:

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Perfect! Exactly what I needed!

Thank you very much!