Sps.exe and warning prompts

Hi I’m running a .dat file through sps.exe, eveything runs perfectly with no warnings or anything.
However, when I run the same .dat file through ssd, I get a bunch of warnings.

How do I enable warnings for sps.exe?

I can’t find anything when prompting it in cmd.:

C:\Program Files\SOFiSTiK\2023\SOFiSTiK 2023>sps.exe

SOFiSTiK SPS - Copyright (C) 1997 - 2022, SOFiSTiK AG, Version 2023-6.0.714

Usage:  sps [options] filename[.dat]

Options:   --E   Suppress echoprint. (Default: -+E)
           -urs:nnn start only the module with urs:nnn
           -cdb:name start with the database name
           -Z    Attach results and plots at the existing files
           -I    Output of all iteration-steps of AQB-STAR2
           -R    (RUN) no break of calculation at an error
           -Q    (QUIT) no start of calculation moduls
           -Q:fn (QUIT) fn = file name, contains parsed results
           -B    Show protocol of calculation on screen
           -B1   Only start/stop of a calculation print to screen
           -B0   No printing to screen while calculation

C:\Program Files\SOFiSTiK\2023\SOFiSTiK 2023>_

You should get the warnings in the .prt file.

If you want the warnings on screen, use option -B

Perfect, thank you very much!