Spring transverse behaviour at SOFIMSHC

Hi. I’m trying to analise a beam bridge with POT supports. The transverse behavior of this type of supports are characterized by a non-linear behavior based on friction (The greater the compression force on the support, the greater the transverse force it can take). I’m assuming that this can be done in SOFIMSHC using the ‘MUE’ parameter of the SPTS (Spring element at point) but, unfortunately i’m having much trouble to achieve the desired results. Is it any example of this elements at the SOFSTIK documentation?


Hello Alberto

I don’t know an example for the command ‘SPTS MUE’, but there are a few examples about nonlinear spring work laws:

TEDDY > File > examples > ase > english > spring > …

Perhaps these examples can help you. In addition you could have a look at the commands ‘SMAT’ or ‘SFLA’ in AQUA. They are used to define custom work laws for individual reactions of the spring material.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team