Spring relaxation in TALPA

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I have a spring defined by the following work law:

SFLA U  -400  F -205707 type p
SFLA U  -398        "-U"
SFLA U  -200  F -205707
SFLA U  -190  F -144807
SFLA U  -180  F -104883
SFLA U  -170  F  -77817
SFLA U  -150  F  -46690
SFLA U  -120  F  -23683
SFLA U  -100  F  -14210
SFLA U   -80  F   -8472
SFLA U   -70  F   -6767
SFLA U   -60  F   -5765
SFLA U   -50  F   -4737
SFLA U   -40  F   -3383
SFLA U   -30  F   -2382
SFLA U   -20  F   -1353
SFLA U   -10  F    -677
SFLA U     0  F       0
SFLA U     0         "0"
SFLA U   198         "U"
SFLA U   200  F     

In TALPA I need to apply relaxation to the spring in a construction stage at a certain age, which I have tried using:

CS 26 TITL 'Relaxation'

Unfortunately, this has no effect at all.

I figured I’d use a work around where I created a new worklaw (133) and multiplied all the forces by 0.5 and then just change the material in the construction stage instead:

CS 26 TITL 'Relaxation'

this yields following error message:

+++++ error no.   412 in program CSM_GEO_PRE
Referenced material no. 132, group 141, does not exist in database

The error message is quite misleading since I previously use both the said material and group, so both are definitely in the database.
I believe the issue is that, when changing the worklaw, I’m introducing nonlinearity to the linear material law HYPE in the definition.

Unfortunately I can’t use the other work laws as I don’t want the springs to “remember” plastic deformations, so I need my unloading curve to follow the loading curve as well.

Is there any way around this issue?


Hello Mr. Jørgensen,

In order to be able to help you properly, you should send us a simplified version of your problem. This helps us to understand your project faster.

Also, please note that the forum is not a secondary support channel. If you are a regular SOFiSTiK customer and need specific help with your project, please contact the official SOFiSTiK support. You can find the scope of services of SOFiSTiK support on our website.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team


Thank you for your reply. I have contacted the official SOFiSTiK support as you requested.

Further, you state that the forum is not a secondary support channel. Would you care to ellaborate on the purpose of the forum then? So far I’ve been using the forum as exactly that, but I will of course revise my use if this is improper.

Kind regards

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Within the forum we try to give you tips and usually do not look at the specific project. Therefore, the forum is mainly used for cases that are not covered by the support services. Furthermore, the forum is used for communication between users.

So if you (as a normal customer) have an individual question regarding the installation and use of the software, you will receive a faster response from technical support. :wink:

Ah I see. I’ll take that into consideration on future posts.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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