SIR (Section Result) for quad elements in DYNA

Hello, I have a question about SIR (Section Result) in DYNA.
I try to get the M,Q,N results at the base of a shear wall (quad elements) for an Earthquake loading.
I have put a vertical loading 1000kN/m on a 5m long shear wall (1m thick and 5m tall) and the results of Earthquake analysis are stored in LC 902.
When I cut the wall base using SIR there are no Moment or Axial forces in the Result file.

Dynamic results especially from earthquake are save independently for every element. Therefore noc corresponding results are saved in the database. This is the reason, why you will gest totally useless results. This is NO bug, but related to the procedure programmed.
I strongly recommend to use the newer program version 2020 or 2022, in which we enhanced the earthquake workflow with so called design elements. You may use these elements for walls or cores.
Please see our online tutorial on

Thanks Martin for your response! :pray: