Show geometric values of groups

Hey everyone,

I have a model imported from Revit to SSD 2020. I assigned the walls into different groups.

  1. Can I somehow show the length and the thickness of the groups in a table form?

  2. Can I design a specific construction element with my own calculation sheet in SSD without the intervention of another software?

Thank you in advance,


Hello Muhanad

  1. You can create custom tables with the Result Viewer. But I suggest using Revit for this duty.
  2. Of course you can. Just insert the desired task and set the settings.
    For further information we have created a bunch of simple tutorials for beginners You find them on the welcome page of the SSD or on our homepage: > infocenter overview > Playlist SOFiSTiK 2020

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team