Shear center (SC) deformations


Is it possible in Sofistik to request the deformations of the shear centre point!

Thanks in advance


I’m not sure which case you need the shear center deformations for.
The shear centre of a cross-section can be visualised within the Result Viewer.

ResultViewer > System Values > cross sections > total cross section values > Ordinate of shear centre in lokal Y / Z

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Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Thanks for replying.

In fact, as it is known that in the case of an unsymmetric cross-section, the gravity centre and shear centre points are not identical, and the loads/deformations in y-z directions in such a case are related to the shear centre.

Indeed, I am validating a model, for which the deformations in y-z directions are related to the shear centre. When I got differences in the deformation results, I discovered that all loads/deformations in Sofistik are always related to the gravity centre. Therefore, I wanted to check the deformations of the shear centre point to clear up the doubts.

What you mentioned, just shows the coordinates of the shear centre, but I want to check the deformations if it is possible!.

Many thanks