Self weight record in cdb

Dear SOFiSTiK support team,

I am trying to access the cdb from python. My goal is to read the self-weight values. They are stored in the record 18/LCD (see the screenshot below).
Why does the record contain several load values pval[0], pval[1], … ?
Why not just a single value that correspond to the self-weight of the element?

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In order to display the used self-weight in the Graphic correctly, the program needs the values of the self-weight at the start, at the end and the position of these values.

  • PVAL[0] β†’ start of the section (related to the observed beam)
  • PVAL[1] β†’ length of the section
  • PVAL[2] β†’ self-weight at the start
  • PVAL[3] β†’ self-weight at the end

You must provide multiple values because a beam can have two cross-sections, resulting in a changing self-weight.

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Thank you for the explanation. Now the situation is clear to me.

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