Select quads

I wanted to know if I could select quads and put them in a group on sofistik with teddy
thank you


This is possible. Please have a look at the commands GRP in sofimsha (or sofimshc).

SSD / TEDDY > Help > User Manuals > All Manuals… > sofimsha > chapter 3.9 GRP - Group Control

Or you could have a look at the next TEDDY example.

TEDDY > File > Examples > sofimsha > english > secondary_groups_01.dat

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Frederik Höller
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it’s possible to select by quad number ?
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grp “GSEL”
Quad ‘==’ NO 14303

Element 14303:
grp “GSEL”
Quad NO 14303


Element 14303-14310
grp “GSEL”
Quad NO 14303,-14310

Sofimsha manual chapter 3.9.2:

You can also do it in sofimshc if you prefer working with structural areas

Thank you it worked
can i see subgroups on sofistik system visualization because it displays only groups ?

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Seems like you did not manage to produce the secondary group(s).

Double check in wingraf/graphics. If it doesn’t show up in the group selection there, then you haven’t been succesful