Seismic Load on Live Load on bridges

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Is there any way to define mass “eccentric” from the cross section ?
Indian codes (IRC-6) states that the mass of live load shall be 1.2m above the carriageway – Hence seismic force due to live load mass shall also act at the same level (which is significantly above the CG of deck cross section).
Is there any way to achieve this directly in sofistik ?
There is a workaround (which is to manually calculate the liveload mass * acceleration * extra lever arm and apply it as a static load) but is there a way by which sofistik can handle it automatically ?

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Hello Aravind

Have you thought of connecting the mass to the beam with a spring?

So you create a node at the desired position of the eccentric mass. Then connect the node to the beam with a spring or a coupling (Check the technical design and be aware of the influence of the selected spring stiffness). In a last step you apply a mass to the node.

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Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team