Sandwichmodel Interaction of reinforcement


While recently using the latest option in the crack width calculation from the sofistik version 2023-6, some values are difficult to interpretate in the report to check the validity of the calculation:

  • the values in the layer design method show that one direction is fully in tension. the values of the steel stress is correct, but the value of the x (height of compression zone) is not equal to 0; it is even a very hight value (thickness of 0.65m)

  • the formula of the hc,ef is not clear. I’m using the DS in this example and the values obtained are different than the formula used in the EC2.
    Also, concerning this method, the EC2 danish code states that this method of adding the strains is valid if the angle is between the principal strain and the direction of reinforcement is greater than 15° and lower than 75°. As I can see, Bemess applies it automatically for all the studied nodes.

Maybe our video regarding the layer design of quad elements will help you understand the workflow a little better.