Rigid Body Modes

Hello Everyone

I am trying to get Eigenvalues from the high rise timber structure. I have given fixed support condition in bottom nodes but still i am getting follwing error. [254 rigid body modes in the system ,Please check if all parts of the structure have sufficient constraints despite of the type of loading ! (e.g., beams with hinges for torsion)Equations concerned are]. how do i fix this error? i have attched teddy file also if anyone can fix this error it will be very helpful

Thank you

Teddy Model New.dat (180.6 KB)

Hello Shabbik

A short check of your system shows that all of the edge beams are not connected with the system. Please connect them to the structural areas and / or to the columns.

FE elements are only connected correctly if they share the same nodes. The visualised cross-section is completely irrelevant for the connection of the components.

A tip for the future:
In order to detect the faulty elements, you can perform a short ASE run.

+prog ase
lc 1 facd 1

Perhaps start with a small system to understand the modelling workflow.
Here is the link to our beginner tutorial.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Thank you so much for the inputs it fixed the error now.