Results - wingraf

Could someone help me with the code in Teddy? I have the model with lots of beams and I need the results with axial force.
What should this code look like, which would generate a list of results - the values ​​of the axial force in the beams (wing moduls). The idea is to select only some of the beams in the model (not all) and to specify that only one end of the beam will display the results. It should not be a drawing with a graph, but a list with values of axial forces.

Hi Dav_sof,

what you describe can be best done with result viewer (RESULTS), I would not use WinGraf (WING). With result viewer you can display results in tabular form and you can use filter to reduce the ouput:

I recommend to create the table within Result Viewer. If you are interested in the correct teddy code behind it, save the result viewer file in your project directory. Afterwards you can open the generated .results file with Teddy and copy the lines to your original file.

More information about the result viewer and the filter options can be found here:

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