Results in one node

I have 50 loadcases in one Teddy file. I want to read displacement only in one node for every loadcases. How can I do it the quickest way in Teddy to have one table with displacement in one node for every 50 loadcases?

Hello Dav.
Usually to generate tables the module Result it is used:
I’ll show the procedure in Sofistik 2023


To obtain nodal displacements create a table of results like this:

To select only one node you have to filter that node:

To select your loadcases:

It only shows 3 loadcases because i only have 3.

Best Regards.

PD: if you want this on teddy code, then I recommend the following procedure.
Create the result file exactly as I explained before, but save it as a file (Ctrl+S):

Whit this file, even thought it is a .result file, open the file in teddy. (You can drag the file into teddy and it opens automatically):

This little piece of code by it self doesn’t work.
You have to copy this lines into your teddy so it knows from which data base to read.

Finally once you run it on ypur teddy, it generates a table of results on the report:

Let me know if you have any more doubts!