Result set

I am using teddy to extract results to design bearings of a bridge. The supports look like below:

I have imported the text in Sofimsha so:

And wanted to extract results in Maxima so:

However, I get the following warning message:

Anyone knows the reason? How can I overcome this problem, please?

There is no superposition results for combination 20 and 21.
Did you run your loads through linear analysis before maxima?

Yes, I have already run the load cases in ASE before running MAXIMA module. I can get other results and check them in Wingraph. Only I do not get the table for spring forces!

Do you always use EXTR**=**MAMI - The equal sign? That might be it, because i usually just write EXTR MAMI COMB 20

But i am not sure. Hard to say without your full model.

I think you probably use the wrong type. try that

Best regards

Yes, that might be it.

Instead of PX, PY or PZ you can just use one and write P, which gives you all support reactions (PX,PY,PZ,MX,MY,MZ)

There is no such thing as VX,VY, VZ, which also makes sense because you are getting your shear forces from PX,PY.

If by PHIX you are searching for rotation, you should use URX,URY, URZ.

Please see page 62 (3-42), in the MAXIMA manual.

I only got that from an example from SOFiSTiK

you can download the project files there
in the task “Envelope - LM1: TS” it is as I wrote

@WK_SNE and @Morten Thanks for your response, but what @WK_SNE wrote here is related to another Resutl-set in the video, not springs! The parameter that @Morten wrote are regarding reaction forces of nodes. What I am looking are force and rotation of spring elements. I have defined the springs in the model so:

The procedure of recording reaction forces of spring has been written in Page 78 of maxima handbook so:

@MartinSiffling May you please have a look at the problem? Any solution?