Question about Prestressing procedure - ANWS

Prestressing procedure
1 or T tensioning
2 or R release
4 or W restressing
8 or S slip
The desired prestressing procedure at parameter ANWS is defined by combination of the lit-
erals T,R,S and W. The default is ”tensioning + slip = TR”. Alternatively the input can also be
given as bit-mask using numbers from 1 to 8.

  1. Why ”tensioning + slip = TR”? R means slip or release?
  2. If I use TR in PSIG, it always shows a warning:

+++++ warning no. 439 in program GSR_ANSP
Tendon 1: Given prestressing schedule at ANWS not possible. Releasing will be ignored.

  1. I know tensioning, release and restressing. But what’s the meaning of “slip” in ANWS?

dat file is attached.
2.dat (1.4 KB)

  1. Misprint: Should be ”tensioning + slip = TS"
    You can see that the default value is 9 = 8 + 1 i.e. T+S
  2. The warning is due to not specifying a release
  3. Slip:
    First you stress your tendon -> force is the highest at the stressing end due to friction.
    Then (if there is no restress/release) you lock the tendon into position with wedges at the anchor.
    The wedges normally slip a couple of mm (ca 3-8 depending on the prestressing system)
    This gives a loss in prestressing force at the stressing end of the cable
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