Question about ELLA

  1. In ELLA LANE, YCA and YCE is the Offset of centre of lane at start (SA) and at the end (SE) ;
    In ELLA LSEL, YMAX and YMIN are maximum and minimum eccentricity.
    What’s the difference between YCA (YCE) and YMAX(YMIN)?

  2. In ELLA LANE, WR and WL define the width of the traffic lane;
    In ELLA LSEL, B defines Width of the traffic band in transverse direction
    What’s the difference between width defined by WR(WL) and width defined by B?


You are facing a complex topic.
First of all, the following screenshots are taken from the modified TEDDY Example “Ella > ella40_plate.dat”.
LANE vs LSEL.dat (1.6 KB)

In order to understand the differences between the command properties you have to understand the difference between LANE and LSEL.

  • LANE creates a traffic lane and defines its widths (Often defined within SOFiLAOD).
  • LSEL selects a previously defined lane for the current influence line evaluation with ella.

So the command LANE YCA / YCE changes the offset of the centre lane.
As an example I revised the command LANE within SOFiLOAD.

LANE AXIS EC WR 1.80 WL -1.80 YCA -0.8 YCE 0.8

As you can see, only the centre line YC of the lane is changed.

If you modify LSEL YMAX or YMIN you create an eccentricity within the maximum width of the traffic band.

(Transverse influence line QUAD 5 / m-xx (xs = 2.222)

I hope my explanations help.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team


i have two question more:

  • why LSEL B is not set automaticly as TRAIN WIDT? where this value can be diffrent?
  • where LSEL B (or TRAIN WIDT) is used? UDL is applied to line width instead of train width

best regards, sb