QUAD loading


I have a rather quick question related to different types of loading on quad elements. Are there any TEDDY examples available with loadings on quads, where the load has influence on one of the inner forces types’, for example, if i wish to exclude m-yy on slab made out of quad element, would my beam have a full moment without slab getting some due to T-beam philosophy? Or maybe is there some other way to modell quad slab that has one direction of its’ bending stiffness reduced, while maintaining axial stiffnesses on both directions.


Thank you in advance for your answers,

Hello Tomas,
You can reduce the stiffness of a slab in Y and X direction. Therefore the m-yy or m-xx gets almost zero.
Maybe this is the right aporach in your case.
In ASE you have to use command GRP2 QEMX 0.001 or QEMY 0.001

Best regards
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team


Thank you for your answer.
I did try these commands, however, in case of one-way slab, without any reinforcement in Y direction, the reduced stiffness of m-yy is logical, however, in n-yy it isn’t quite the same, as concrete can atleast take some amount of axial forces.
If there is no such possibility, maybe there is a way to create a quad element, but with beam’s finite elements for the whole model created in Sofiplus-x?

Thank you in advance,