QUAD-BRIC meshing

I am having a difficulty with the automatic meshing of Sofimshc and Sofimsha.
More specifically I need to connect 2D elements to 3D elements. In the manual it that is that hexahedral meshing is better than tetrahedral, so I decided to generate 3D from EXTR(usion) of SAR. The issues are the following:

  1. The new BRIC element generated is divided by 5 (my choice) and the meshing doesn’t connect to the adjacent QUAD element.

  2. The end of the extruded BRIC element doesn’t mesh at the same nodes as the SAR placed at the end (for an other extrusion).

Is there a command that I am missing in order to make the program detect the nodes?
(for better visibility and understanding I disabled the extrusion of SAR3)