Processing a dat file created dynamically

I have a Python script which reads some data from cdb and creates a dat file as an output. In SSD, I added a task which call the script with SYS command, but I cannot figure it out how to process the dat file created by Python script.
In other words, is it possible to process dat file created dynamically?

Hi Maksim,

I hope that I did understand you correctly. You want to run the created DAT file, right?

If yes β†’ then just include it with +APPLY after SYS.

See following small example where temp.dat is being created from datetime.ps1 script and with APPLY it is then calcualted.

$ Get current time and date
+SYS powershell β€œ& .\datetime.ps1”
+APPLY β€œtemp.dat”

The code snippet can be found on my blog: Utilizing the SYS input in SOFiSTiK FEA β€” BAUTUK

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