Problem with geometric nonlinearity


I can’t handle with very big deformations in beam elements in CSM calc. Tell me, please - is it relate only with stiffness, or could be another reasons? I’ve tried to increase stiffnes sertain elements, and after a few efforts calculation was done without errors. But deformations was still too big - more then 10 times in comparison with linear analysis. It obviously unadequat result. May be i shoud chek somthing else - not only stiffness?

Thank you in advance!

Hello Evgeny

Could you please post a simplified version of your project?
Without information about your system, it’s hard to tell if your calculation contains any flaws.

In the meantime, you can browse the TEDDY examples for help.

TEDDY > File > Examples > csm > english
TEDDY > File > Examples > ase > english

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team