Print picture (.png,.jpeg) in TEDDY


I was wondering if it is possible to print a picture as a picture file e.g. .png directly from TEDDY.

Below is a small sample from the TEDDY input for a GRAPHICS task which has the results for a bridge.

The 3 bottom lines as they are now does not work.

Is it possible to print in this way?

Your issue is with the use of a variable for the name.

  • Start with <Link=MaxMxx_Bruoverbygning.png> (This should work)
  • Next test with the subfolder
  • If you really want to employ variables, you are going to have to use preprocesser-variables,e.g.:
    #Define pic=MaxMxx_Bruoverbygning.png

Check out the basics manual chapter 10.2 #DEFINE - Parameter Substitution for more info on preprocessor variables in sofisitik.
It’s the same concept as #includes in compiled languages as C/C++

another way is calculate wing modules from teddy, then you get .plb file with images. after run program “plbconverter” (sofistikik 2020 and 2022), command “IMG”.

Seems like I might have misunderstood your question.

<Link> is used to INSERT a picture in your report.
For instance if you have sketched something that explains your calculations (e.g. system sketch), will insert the jpeg/png/etc in your sofistik report.

If you want to EXTRACT a picture you will have to go with @asiloisad suggestion.

Thank you!
Was hoping we could do it directly from WINGRAF, but this small workaround works quite well.

Yes, apparently i had misunderstood the <Link< command.
Thank you for your answers anyways!