Prestress of external cables ( PEXT)

Can you help me
How I can use this teddy option
PEXT … NOEL … Po … … …
please can you provide me any example to show me how i can use this option because my results not logic


Why do you want to use the command PEXT?
For external prestressing I recommend to see the standard examples in TEDDY

TEDDY > File > Examples > ase > deutsch > bridge > extern_prestress_tendon.dat
TEDDY > File > Examples > ase > deutsch > bridge > extern_prestress_cables.dat

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Frederik Höller
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I want to use this commend to calculate the friction losses and slip losses by the program

pic 1

I used this command, the final prestressing force not logic as the difference between the forces in the cables at deviatros very small, it is mean the program not consider the friction losses at deviators so i think i using this command incorrectly so in need ang example to understand how i can use this option correctly