Orthotropic thickness TXY

I want to model a prefab girder deck with a concrete topping with a orthotropic plate. I understand how to define the parameters T, TX, TY and TD but how do I have to interpret and determine the value for TXY?

I expect it has something to do with the interaction between the X and y direction like the poissoins ratio but that is a material property which should not be part of the orthotropic thicknesses?

Hello Nick

Basically the heights are used to describe the stiffness of the plate (ASE manual chapter 2.8.1). The height TXY (normally TXY = T) is used to consider the influence of the transverse bending (equation 2.17 and 2.10 / 2.11) ( → relevant, because. poissoin’s ratio my = 0,3 not 0).

On the other hand, have you tried to use the command GRP2 QUEA,…?
If you want to calculate the reinforcement of the slab, you should reduce the stiffness directly in ASE or CSM. An example of orthotropic plates is shown below.

TEDDY > File > Examples > ase > english > bridge > steel_composite_orto.dat

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