Orient rotational springs to follow the deformation

Dear forum,

I analysing the bending of a strip that is coupled with a series of rotational springs (see fig. below).

After the bending step, I let the model relax into the correct final form. This is working just fine, as long as I stay in the plane. However, when I bend the strip out of the plane, the rotational springs are still aligned according to the initial direction (see fig. below) and hence allow for less rotation (i.e. they get stiffer).

After the bending step and before the realxation, I run the following module to update the model according to the new geometry

+prog ase urs:16
head Update coordiante system to form found geometry
syst PLC #finalLc STOR yes
ctrl diff

however, the springs are still aligned according to the initial geometry. Can someone (possibly @JFH) please help me figure out how I should define the springs, so they follow the deformation and are always aligned along the structural line?

The springs are defined like so.

Sln No -150
SlnS fix 'PXPYPZ' RefT >Sln Ref 156 CD 527.535759

Thanks in advance,