Non-linear bridge analysis


I am doing a non-linear analysis of a bridge and are trying to implement non-linear effects of creep and shrinkage. I have been following the Teddy examples plc_on_cracked_pylons.dat and plc_on_cracked_piers.dat. When comparing the two examples, I have noticed that cracked_pylon have included a PROB TH3 command already in the CSM-module, while the cracked_pier does not run anything non-linear before the end in ASE-modules. Why is that? What will the differences be?

I should mention that my goal is to run a geometric and material non-linear analysis.


I think the difference between the two examples is that the model of the example “plc_on_cracked_pylons…” includes cable elements. In order to consider the compression failure of these elements you have to include a non-linear analysis.
For the analysis of the construction stages of the pier of the other example, a linear analysis is sufficient. The consequences of a geometric non-linear behaviour are checked in the subsequent steps.

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Thank you for your answer!

I found out that a non-linear analysis of prestressed beam elements are not possible, so I am focusing on the piers now. Still, I am having some trouble implementing creep and shrinkage. I have traced the loadcase with the highest resulting My in my linear analysis and want to implement the factors here, see attached picture.

Tracing ULS A max my

What is the best way to add the factor to creep and shrinkage in this case? I have tried inserting a factor in SYST, GRP and adding the 5000 creep load cases directly.

My teddy script without factors for C+S looks as follows:

+prog ASE urs:68.2
Head dl=4032
echo grp,load no
SYST prob th3 plc 4032 TOL 0.01 fmax 2.0 GRP 'CSM' CS 32 LC 102 facd 1.0 titl 'th3 1.00 times dl=4032' LCC 2 FACT 1.00 PLC YES already applied in PLC g_2
LCC 3 FACT 1.00 PLC YES already applied in PLC g_2 LCC 4 FACT 1.00 PLC YES already applied in PLC g_2
LCC 5 FACT 1.00 PLC YES already applied in PLC g_2 LCC 50 PLC YES already applied in PLC prestress

+prog ASE urs:68.11
Head Non-linear analysis
ECHO MAT YES -> See ASE-output: Maximum possible concrete stress ECHO GRP,LOAD NO CTRL ITER 3 V2 1 REIN LCR 108 SYST PROB TH3 PLC 102 TOL -10.0 FMAX 2.0 iter - Geometric non-linearity
NSTR kmod K1 KSV SLD KSB SLD fmax 0.8 material non-linearity GRP 'CSM' LINE CS 32 GRP 5 FULL CS 32 t1 0 LC 108 facd 0.9 titl 'FACL' FACD activates g_1
LCC 2 fact 0.9 PLC YES g_2 LCC 3 fact 0.9 PLC YES g_2
LCC 4 fact 0.9 PLC YES g_2 LCC 5 fact 0.9 PLC YES g_2
LCC 50 fact 1.1 PLC YES prestress LCC 10156 fact 0.945 gr1a
LCC 94 fact 1.2 $ Temp