More than one Material in a Model


could you help me please. I want to creat a modell with two blocks with different Materials and different cross sections.
I wanted to upload an example (.dat) for you, but i couldn’t “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”.
I would like to connect the volume parts without contact elements (Continum).

I have learned from all Examples, sofimshc.dat\deutsch\Volumenmodellierung, how to connet different Materials. But when cross sections are different, I always get the same error.

The modell and th resulted deformation due to the error. .

Thank you

Hey Naser,
connect the parts of the structure topologically: make the elements on the joint border have common nodes.

Hello Kirill,

thank you for your Answer. That was very helpful, but i can’t create every edge in my model with common nodes. The example, that i have attached, was just a simple example for one part of the whole komplex Modell. Therefore i must use Hanging nodes for volume elements in some parts. Do you have any example for Hanging nodes for volume elements? or what do you recommend me to do in this situation?

Thank you

Maybe this example will help you:
C:\Program Files\SOFiSTiK\2020\SOFiSTiK 2020\sofimshc.dat\english\volume_modeling\tet_volume_2mat.dat

This example is also with common Nodes.

I can’t mesh every edge witth the same element length.

You can take a look at my model. This element length (0.3 m) is too fein for my gemoetry. If I change this length to 0.6 m, then the nodes on the edges of the upper parts will be between two nodes of the under parts and not on top of each other. What do you think, how can i solve this problem ?

If you know Ansys, there are two commands vglue or vadd that can be used in this case. Do you know an alternative in Sofistik for that?

Thank you

I think you should look at the example Kirill mentioned (and the others in that folder).

I would also suggest using sofimshc, rather than sofimsha (which his example implies)