Moment on area with LAR

Hello, I want to applya moment in global x direction on an area defined by LAR. This small area is inside a bigger area exported from Sofiplus. I did the following. It doesn’t work but I don’t know where the problem is.

let#xa -0.5 ; let#xe 0.5 ; let#ya -0.358 ; let#ye 2.642
LAR 1 X1 #xa #ya 0 X2 #xa #ye 0 X3 #xe #ye 0 X4 #xe #ya 0
AREA LAR 1 TYPE MXX P1 343/(1*3)

I got an error message like this.
+++++ error no. 76 in program LAR
Load distribution area 2: no supporting elements [beams] found
+++++ error no. 10140 in program SOFILOAD
Input with 1 errors - calculation stopped

Thanks in advance! Luan.

The point of a LAR is to apply a load to a globally non-structural surface that transfers it to a beam/line, e.g. steel-sheeting transferring wind to a beam.

You seem to want to pick a subarea to apply the load to, so either:

  1. Apply the load with coordinates (AREA in sofiload)
  2. Create a secondary group that you apply the load to

First option is a bit simpler, second one better if you use the same area for multiple loads (i.e. reuse)