MEd Peak smoothing

Hello, according to EN 1992-1-1, chapter the peak of bending moment over the support can be reduced on delta MEd in multi span beam.
And I found few words about this in manual BEAM, saying that smoothing might be attached by command CTRL if the boundary conditions were set up previously. Also there is a need to create a design element along the structural line through DECREATOR.

I modeled simple beam with 3 supports in Revit, and adjusted a code by teddy manually in stage of “Linear Analyse” and added all the following steps that were mentioned in manual.
Calculation is working, no warning or errors. And new boundary conditions are visible ( faces of the hinged column), but there is no smoothing of the peak in graphic. Seems like commands doesn’t work.

Maybe I wrote it in a wrong order and it’s overwrites? or it’s not possible to do this kind of manipulations having Revit as pre-processor?

Share your experience please how do you perform Peak Smoothing in SOFiSTiK for future reinforcement?

Thank you a lot! Any information would help me a lot !

Code written at stage Linear analyse is:

+PROG ASE urs:9 $ Linear Analysis
HEAD Calculation of forces and moments
ctrl opt smoo VAL 8
LC 1

+prog decreator urs:9.2
head design element
$Creating design element and setting up boundary face boints around collumn.
dsln no 1001 hdiv 0.1 fref sc
dgeo opt sln id 1001
dsel beam
dslc ref strt s 11.1 typm hfac
dslc ref strt s 11.5 typm hfac
lc 1

+prog aqb urs:9.3
echo full full
beam type dsln
ctrl opt smoo val 8
lc 1
comb sum lc1 1 lcst 101
desi ulti

Hello Mr Shatalin

The SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design Tool can smoothen the moment over the supports automatically.
Therefor you have to run the function: SOFiSTiK Analysis > Design > Beam

Within the SOFiSTiK: Beam Design dialogue you have to define the support conditions and the design locations. In addition you have to activate the function “Smoothen moment over supports”.

After the calculation you can see the reduced bending moments within the Report Browser.

If you want to know how the corresponding TEDDY input has to be, you can open the file beam_*.dat within the project folder. There you can see the generated CADINP input for the programs DECREATOR and BEAM.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

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This is very interesting. Would it be possible to attach that “beam_*.dat” for people who only use TEDDY and don’t have any idea of SSD?

Thanks and regards.

Thank you for detailed answer Mr Höller, but I have one more question,

How Peak smoothing might be performed for area elements like slabs? Is it possible automatically do the same thing for slab? I tried slab design there also, but didn’t found any mentions about peak smoothing.
Thank you